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Beverage Business Review, Analysis and Operational Assessment

One of the most valuable services offered by Commer Beverage Consulting is a thorough business review and assessment of the current state of his client’s beverage business.

Key components of a beverage assessment include:

      • Meet with key personnel to gain insight into opportunities from their perspective
      • Review current and target consumer demographic information
      • Review current beverage program, sales data, training and marketing materials
      • Observe operations as related to all areas of beverage quality, consistency, production, sales, service and cost control at a representative sample of locations
      • Observe bar layouts and designs for production, work flow and merchandising
      • Evaluate beverage quality and execution including recipes, mixes, glassware, presentations, brands and procedures
      • Work with key personnel to determine an appropriate strategy for drink development and positioning
      • Analyze and consolidate findings
      • Provide a written gaps analysis report with assessment and specific recommendations for improving the beverage program

Beverage Strategy

Commer Consulting works closely with many chain accounts to develop appropriate beverage strategies for their concept(s).

Drink Development – On Trend and On Target

Drink Development should not be a one-size-fits-all approach. Different brands and operations have different needs and capabilities. Drink development is about creating drinks that SELL! The process requires developing recipes that utilizes consumer insightsand trends to target a particular audience or niche. From a chain perspective, it is important that recipes are replicable across multiple locations in multiple geographies. Commer Beverage understands that needs and capabilities can vary by client and by situation. Commer Beverage’s ability to develop recipes with that understanding is one of the keys to success.

Seminars and Speaking

David Commer is a highly qualified speaker on multiple restaurant, operations and beverage topics. Having record-breaking sales success as an operator and Director of Beverage Marketing, Commer understands the challenges and issues that operators face everyday.

David can speak to operators at all levels within your organization and can provide strategies and tools to achieve success.

Popular Topics include:

  • Increasing your Beverage Sales by 20%
  • Increasing Sales and Controlling Costs – A Balancing Act
  • Managing the Beverage Side of the Business
  • Pricing for Sales and Profits
  • Beverage Innovation
  • Hiring Strategies
  • National Account Sales Strategies for Suppliers

Establishment of Beverage Standards and Systems

Creating standard operating procedures (SOPs) is one of the keys to success with a beverage program. Establishing standards and systems helps to communicate the expectation to all constituents. Many companies operate without clear guidelines and goals. Commer Beverage can assist your company in establishing guidelines and rules by drawing on experience and best practices in the marketplace.

Some of the early tasks that often need to be strategically considered are:

  • Product standards lists for liquor, beer, wine and mixers (appropriate to the brand)
  • Recipe standards and guidelines for quality, profitability, ease of execution, ease of learning and training
  • Pricing standards and guidelines templates to ensure appropriate profitability
  • Signature recipes as appropriate for the brand to provide an answer to the question, “what’s good here?”
  • Beverage menu strategic analysis and review

Bar/Beverage Training

Commer Beverage can assist in reviewing current training materials and methods, advise on updating them, overhaul the program or develop a program from scratch.

Beverage Menus and Marketing

A beverage menu is a tool to increase beverage sales. If it doesn’t increase sales, it’s broken. Beverage Marketing should drive traffic into your location to purchase beverages or drive beverage sales in house. If it doesn’t, it’s broken. Activation of your beverage program is an often-missed aspect of beverage marketing.

Integrated Beverage Programs

Fully integrating the beverage program produces the best results. Activation of your beverage program is an often-missed aspect of beverage marketing. The difference between the most effective beverage programs and the least effective is often activation.

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